Cheating Death

Life sucks, and then you die

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Experience the inevitability of death with 3-6 players.

As the game progresses, Afflictions accelerate your march toward your last breath. A turn of Fate may shake up the balance of power, or if you have the cash, you can Cheat the system to get an edge. The last player alive is crowned the winner!

Want to play?

We're still polishing up some things before Kickstarter, but if you're in the Rochester, NY area, we often have open playtests of new versions at local groups like Crash Test and ROC Game Dev.

Caffeinated.  When you move in either direction on your turn, move twice as far.    Hemophilia.  Add 1 to any effect that moves you forward on an opponent's turn.


Afflictions continue to affect you throughout the game unless you treat them.

Age Before Beauty.  Player(s) closest to death move forward 1.    Taxes.  Each player pays 1 Crypt-o-Currency for each Cheat card in their hand, then discards any cards they can't pay for.


Fate events can be good or bad, and can affect anyone or everyone.

Pity Party.  Move yourself and an opponent back by the number of Afflictions they have.    Eye For An Eye.  Move an opponent forward 3 and give them this card.


You can play Cheats on your turn to try to gain an advantage over your opponents.

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For obvious reasons, this game intended to be played by a group of people in the same room while joking about giving each other infectious diseases has been put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope you and yours are staying safe and healthy during this difficult time.

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